Stewards of the Land… and Shower?

As a person who grew up on, and now works full time at, a family-owned cattle ranch, I’ve always heard and believed that as a rancher it’s my job to be a steward of the land and always leave it better than I found it. I’ve always done my best to take note of best management practices such as cattle grazing techniques. However, I’ve never … Continue reading Stewards of the Land… and Shower?

9 Mile Ranch Branding | Spring 2018

9 Mile Ranch is a Red Angus cattle operation headquartered in Touchet, Washington. They hold an annual bull sale in March, learn more about 9 Mile on their Facebook page. I always enjoy my time with the 9 Mile crew & their ranch is absolutely gorgeous – this place is a photographers dream. At our ranch we don’t brand anything or use horses so trips … Continue reading 9 Mile Ranch Branding | Spring 2018

Kessler Angus Bull Sale | 2018

Ahh, picture day…both exciting & extremely stressful. We always seem to struggle to get nice weather for bull pictures in November around here as fall tends to be extremely foggy, but it all works out in the end! I’m excited about the set of bulls I pictured for the 2018 Kessler Angus Bull Sale & can’t wait to see where these bulls end up in … Continue reading Kessler Angus Bull Sale | 2018

Kim Kardashian Isn’t The Only Star Using a Surrogate.

The news of Kim Kardashian choosing to use a surrogate to have her third child with Kanye West was big to those of us whose guilty pleasures include Keeping Up With the Kardashians and their ongoing pregnancy announcements and rumors. (Yeah, I’ll admit it.) However, Kim can’t be the queen of every show – there’s another star whose surrogacy is even more interesting  to us. … Continue reading Kim Kardashian Isn’t The Only Star Using a Surrogate.

2018 Cattle Industry Convention

Are you blAZing a trail to Phoenix? If you haven’t met me, I’m Tierra Kessler. I live & work on my family’s Angus cattle operation in Eastern Oregon. I’m representing Region 5 this year, as a 2018 Convention Ambassador. Region 5 of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. I’m looking forward to the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA … Continue reading 2018 Cattle Industry Convention

Jackson, WY

Those of you who know me have probably figured out by now that I’m slightly addicted to traveling. I tend to become bored with a place easily and like to get away often. For the long Fourth of July weekend a friend and I chose to visit Jackson, Wyoming as she wanted to go there and I wanted to go to Yellowstone for the first … Continue reading Jackson, WY

Summer Pasture

Some of my absolute favorite views come when we turn heifer calf pairs out to summer pasture in Wallowa and Lostine, Oregon. During the summer our cattle graze pastures, however our ranch is not big enough to support all of them without needing to supplement hay or grain to their diets. To make sure the cattle have enough feed we need to lease pasture for … Continue reading Summer Pasture

5 Values I Learned On The Ranch

There are few places comparable with raising a family on a ranch. Children from agricultural backgrounds learn an unlimited number of life lessons and values before others do. My siblings and I were fortunate enough to learn how to be virtuous people while watching our parents build their dream together. 1. Responsibility At the ranch, you care for your animals before yourself. Cattle don’t care … Continue reading 5 Values I Learned On The Ranch